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Our Story


Raw honey locally sourced

Honey and Co is a small family business. Our Dad is our resident Bee Keeper on our farm south of Joburg. All honey sold by Honey and Co is 100% raw and unpasteurized. We source raw honey from hives on our farm and from other local bee farmers and producers to bring you the best quality honey and bee products.

My Dad first became interested in Bees after my mom brought home a second hand book that she had bought at a flea market in Durban. Once he had read it, he was hooked! He started researching bees and honey and eventually got a few hives together. He now has almost 200 active hives which he manages himself.

My parents started selling their honey at the local farmer’s market and we decided to take the business online - introducing Honey and Co. We are now able to courier our delicious raw honey all over the country.


It's in the small things

There is nothing sweeter than a smooth online process and a beautiful, good quality product. We are continually striving to streamline our service and better our products. We are also able to accommodate large orders especially for gifts/wedding favours. Contact us for more information - 


Sharing our love for honey and bees

We are dedicated to share our love for honey and spread the word about the importance of bees in South Africa. We believe in sustainable and responsible bee farming and aim to do our part to ensure the longevity of the African Honey Bee. We would also like to inspire new ways of enjoying honey. Check out our Facebook page for regular updates on what we're up to, along with interesting facts about bees and honey.